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How did we come into existence?

In mid-2017, three guys hailing from different industries ( Tech - IBM, EduTech - Eckovation, Sales and Marketing - IIM) decided to help their juniors in getting the right knowledge to flourish in their respective careers. In pursuit of this objective, they realized that there is a gap between the education given in colleges and the requirements of the market. Closing this gap by providing quality and career-oriented knowledge with practical experience, they started their venture SkillHives Solutions. SkillHives Solutions is the brainchild of Sachin Yadav (Ex- IBM) and Shashank Dev Srivastava (IIM Alumnus) where they believe in providing quality education through trainers having immense industry experience and paid internships to the students to help them get good exposure to practical knowledge in these fields.

Why us and how are we different from others?

We have killed the mystery between the recruiter and the candidate. As we provide courses to the students we also share our curriculum with recruiters, therefore, giving them a brief idea of what could be expected from the students who have done our courses. We also provide students with a Live project to help them apply the skills that they learn in the course. The theoretical assessments and performance in the live project are then evaluated cumulatively and a score is generated. On the basis of their scores, the recruiters are able to evaluate the CVs and set expectations. The benchmark scores, as well as the batch percentile, are also shared giving them a good idea of the potential of the student and thus it smoothens the process from the recruiter’s end. As the student is evaluated with attention to detail and given interview preparation calls with assistance in crafting his/her CV, it increases their chances of cracking the interview consistently. Every student is given 5 telephonic interviews with recruiters and as has been analyzed in the past, 95% of the students convert it by the 4th interview. Thus in this manner, we are able to unify both ends of the same thread creating a smoother and synergized process applauded by students and recruiters likewise.

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